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Useful tools for working remotely

Laptop by a window overlooking mountains. Having the right tools for remote working.

When I first started my editing and writing business, it was so that I could travel while working remotely. Yes, I was (and still am) one of those digital nomads. The ones you see sitting in cafés with a laptop and a cup of coffee – earphones optional! It’s so easy to do nowadays that […]

How being part of an accountability group improved my business

Hands next to each other signalling support on the trunk of a tree

About a year ago, I set up an accountability group of fellow editors. I wanted some support with setting marketing goals and putting them into action. Normally a confident self-starter, it was something I was struggling to do working alone and stuck at home. What does this have to do with editing and writing and […]

Finding a client’s voice when writing for them

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The best compliment I ever had from a client is that I had managed to capture their voice. That I was able to write as though it was them writing the content, not me doing it on their behalf. Ghost-writing – writing content for someone else – is an art. It takes more than putting […]

Briefing your content writer: 5 things they need to know

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Briefing your content writer: 5 things they need to know Let’s say you run your own business – large, small, micro, it doesn’t matter. Now let’s assume that you want to attract more clients, or you want to stay in touch with the ones you have. As a business owner, you barely have time to […]