Proofreading for court reporters

Inverted or repeated words, homophones, mispronounced or double words. These are just some of the issues that come up when transcribing verbatim documents. In the heat of the court room or deposition, when everyone is talking at once, it’s inevitable that something will slip through.

Proofreading transcripts

For court and deposition transcripts, accuracy is critical. Punctuation matters. Readability and comprehension are key. A second set of trained eyes can be invaluable to ensure a transcript is accurate and readable.

Offering accurate proofreading in PDF format and flexible turnaround times to suit your needs, I proofread your transcripts to catch all those issues before you certify it. Together we can get it right for your clients.

I work with your preferences, including standard references such as Margie Wakeman-Wells’s Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I mark up PDFs, highlighting potential errors in yellow and make easy-to-read notations in red before returning the transcript to you.

What they say…

“As a freelance court reporter I rely heavily on a proofreader. Christina is the best! She’s familiar with the unique and challenging ways in which people often speak in depositions and legal settings. Proofreading a verbatim legal transcript is very different from proofreading an essay or a book. Often the way in which witnesses speak is grammatically incorrect. Punctuation is key! She understands the layout and formatting of transcripts and catches even the smallest of mistakes. She knows her stuff when it comes to grammar and punctuation. Christina makes my job so much easier.”

Marsha Beuchert, CSR, RPR, Court Reporter

“Since engaging Christina as my proofreader, I have not looked back. She understands the challenges that come with proofreading legal transcripts and the complexities of using the right punctuation to ensure tone and meaning are clear and unambiguous. Christina takes it all in her stride: the incorrect grammar witnesses sometimes use and the often interrupted speech that can make a conversation difficult to follow. She is very accommodating and fits my work into her schedule so that deadlines are never a problem. Christina’s help has been invaluable in providing my clients with clean transcripts on time, free from even the smallest errors.”

Robin M. Chimniak, CSR, RPR, CLNR, Chimniak Court Reporting


Standard turnaround (72 hours): $0.40/page

Expedited (24 hours): $0.80/page

Immediate (12 hours): $1.00/page