Professional writing and editing services

Trained and experienced writer and editor


Offering writing and editing services, I provide an extra resource to have at your fingertips to help you get it right the first time. Instead of spending time that you could be using to earn money and grow your business, why not get someone whose strengths lie in writing and reviewing to help you? I specialise in working with businesses and academics, in both UK and US English.


You could also take advantage of my environmental knowledge and experience when you need to edit corporate sustainability reports, environmental statements or any other environmental planning documents. You benefit from an experienced writer and reviewer, with specific expertise in this area without the big consultancy fees.

Christina is one of our main copywriters and proofreaders and has worked on a variety of material for our clients. Her writing flows well and she uses subtle touches and features to talk to the reader and draw them in, while her structure and instructions to web developers are clear and unambiguous. We enjoy working with her and would recommend her to anyone for help with writing or reviewing.

Nathan Kelsey, Make Me Local

Why use a writer?

Whatever your line of work, you are no doubt very good at what you do – otherwise you wouldn’t be in business, would you? But we can’t all be good at everything, can we? Not everyone is able to write convincingly or in a way that gets their message across clearly and succinctly. Nor can everyone write compelling copy to convert a passing interest into an enquiry or sale.

This is where an experienced writer can help. Working closely with you, I will craft the right words to tell the right story for what you need, leaving you with time to look after your clients. I work with businesses to develop and hone their websites and marketing materials. I can also provide regular new content in the form of articles and blogs to help you engage with and inform your readers.

Christina came highly recommended and I can see why. I am absolutely delighted with my new website content! Her advice and ideas on the type of website that was right for my business were spot-on, and her writing is compelling. She captured what I do easily and presented it in a way that already has customers knocking on the door! If you’re looking for a content writer, hire her today.

Louise O’Driscoll, Mums Making Money

Why work with an editor?

Maybe you do write your own website or brochure copy. You may produce reports or other communications for clients, to engage with your audience, or to generate new business. Or you may have spent months and years on your dissertation, thesis, or research paper.

While you may write well, it is almost impossible to proofread your own work. You know what you are trying to say, so the little errors and mistakes creep in without you realising, making it hard to spot them. I am a trained, Intermediate Member of CIEP, and this is where I can help you.

If I thought you were thorough before, now I’m completely convinced—you did a terrific, highly professional job! I plan to hire you for all of my future papers.

Dr. Aneil K. Mishra, East Carolina University College of Business