Writing services for businesses

Copy and content writing

Do you need new or revised copy or content for your business but don’t have the time to write it? Let me do it for you – with copy that is always on point and always compelling.

Writing services for businesses

While you are excellent at your chosen profession you may need a little help telling people about it, and that’s where a talented wordsmith can help.

As an experienced writer who works with individuals and organisations to create copy and content, I can help you grow your business too through targeted writing for businesses. Tell me what message you want to get across, who your audience is, and what you want from your website or marketing materials. This could be anything from simple profile raising, to increasing enquiries and sales, or letting your clients know about the latest developments in your industry.

I work closely with each client to understand their preferred ways of working, their desired tone of voice, and the needs for each commission. I also have an established reputation for delivering high-quality material, on time. No exceptions.

How does it work?

Think you may need some help with copy or content writing? Here’s how how things flow when we work together:

  • Discovery call. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes and is designed to help me find out more about what you are looking for – e.g. new/updated website content, brochures or a blog series. I can make some initial suggestions and we’ll discuss a few ideas. It also gives you a chance to find out a little more about me.
  • Proposal. I will prepare a targeted proposal for you, based on our conversation. This will usually include some options to help you decide what direction you want to go in. If you agree to go ahead, we move on to the…
  • Kick-off call. This is where we dive deeper into what you are looking for from your new copy. The call takes about an hour and is usually a lively discussion about you, your ideal clients and your business aspirations.
  • Writing time. Following our kick-off call I will have what I need to get writing, so it’ll go quiet for a few days. I’ll resurface with new copy, ready to send to you for review.
  • Edits and tweaks. You may have some edits and tweaks to make to the copy or you may have some questions. This is where we work collaboratively to get it just right for you.
  • You’re ready to publish. Once you are happy with the copy, it’s yours to publish!

What business materials do you need written?

Writing is necessary for all businesses. From simple emails, blogs and articles to complex websites or meaty reports, the written word is everywhere. Use words to communicate ideas with your clients, encourage and persuade prospects to engage with you, inform them of new and updated services, or let them know about important changes in your industry.

Some of the more popular services include:

  • Blogs & content management strategies
  • Brochures and promotional materials
  • Case studies to showcase your experience
  • Client communications (e.g. newsletters, emails)
  • Website content for businesses
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